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  • 貨品真的出產自世界各地嗎?
    我們在挑選貨品時,會仔細留意商品的製造地,並會清晰列明於產品資料中。 Charmy一直堅守只搜羅最優質貨品的原則,並尊重每一項設計。希望大家喜歡。
  • 請問貨品可以寄至外國嗎?
  • 我下單後發現部分資料輸入有誤,我應如何更正?
    請電郵contact@charmy-hk.com或透過網頁右下方按鈕與我們聯繫,我們會馬上跟進安排。 有關我們的聯絡資料,請見「聯絡我們」。
  • 我已經下單一星期,但仍未收到貨品,是否出了甚麼問題?
    由於各項產品來自不同地區,部分所需運輸時間可能相對較長,請耐心等候及感謝體諒。 閣下可以參考「訂購與運送須知」內的預計運送所需時間作考量,惟實際需要的時間可能會因突發情況有所改變。如有延誤,我們將通知閣下及更新最新資訊,請放心等候。 如欲了解你的訂單情況,歡迎電郵contact@charmy-hk.com或透過網頁右下方按鈕聯絡我們。謝謝。
  • 收件後才發現我買錯貨品了,可以辦退款嗎?
    很抱歉,我們暫只接受因貨品損壞的退貨安排。 請於下單前仔細檢查購物車內是否正確的商品,感謝!
  • 我剛收到貨品,發現有部分於運輸時候遭到損毀。我可以安排退貨嗎?
    可以!請於收件後七天內拍照並電郵至contact@charmy-hk.com聯絡我們,我們將會跟進安排。但請留意,部分商品不適用於此安排,而且商品應是未使用的狀態。 詳情請見「訂購與運貨須知」內的「退貨政策」,謝謝。
  • Where are the products manufactured?
    We have been sourcing our products from all over the world. The place of manufacture of each item would be clearly stipulated in the product info. No worries! Charmy belives that product quality is the key, and we pay deep respect to all designers. Hope you enjoy the shopping experience here with us.
  • Does Charmy support overseas shipping?
    We currently support delivery to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan addresses. Thank you for your support! We indeed wish that Charmy may have the chance to expand to other regions too in future.
  • I have made an order. However, I just found that I have inputted some info incorrectly. What should I do?
    Please contact us via the chat box (bottom right corner) or email us at We will follow up accordingly. For more contact info, please refer to "Contact Charmy". Thank you.
  • I have placed the order for about a week, and still yet to receive the parcel. Is there anything wrong?
    Some of our products are originated from overseas, which may lead to a relatively longer shipping time. Thank you for your patience in waiting. You may refer to "Order & Shipping" for estimated shipping time of different products. Please yet be reminded that the actual shipping time may sometimes vary due to unforseeable circumstances. If that happens, we will keep you posted as soon as possible. If you wish to trace your particular order, please feel free to contact us at or via the chat box. Thank you.
  • I have well received the goods but realised that I have made a wrong order. May I apply for a return?
    I regret to let you know that Charmy only accepts return/replacement for goods that are found damanged upon receipt. Please be gently reminded to check the items in your cart before check-out. Thank you for your understanding!
  • I just got the products but found some of them not in order. How can I arrange for return/replacement?
    Please take photos of the product(s) and send us via email at within 7 days upon receipt. We will follow up with you as soon as possible upon receipt. Kindly be reminded that some types of goods cannot be returned. Please refer to the return policy at "Order & Shipping". Thank you.
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